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- John A. Shedd

Books by

Tricia D. Wagner

Within my heart rests

this little cauldron of words.

I witch-like brew spells.

Ten-year-old Swift is weary of being “the Lad,” and he longs to feel a sense of belonging with his three older brothers. When a chance strikes to go night fishing together on their father's mighty brigantine, the Regulus, it seems the perfect chance for Swift to prove himself.


When night falls, however, when stars rise and the fishing begins - as Swift ventures into the wilds of the sea and its creatures - a sense of alienation creeps in.


To realize his place in the strange water world, he must summon the courage to confront the North Atlantic with all its savagery. And to learn what it means to be one of four brothers, Swift must rally the bravery to reveal to them, at the heart, who he is.


​Come sail the North Atlantic with Swift and his family in this poignant coming-of-age novelette.

Sea of Glass.Ebook Cover.jpg


Twelve-year-old Teo spends his days helping his drunken papá hang windows on shanties along Baja’s wild coast.


When an old angler presses Teo to seek a goddess—the Sea Angel—for rescue, Teo sets out to test whether help can be found at the hands of the gods.


To learn the truth, he must look beyond legends and summon the courage to challenge his papá. And to reach freedom, he must tap his own strength, hidden beneath wounds laid by glass.

About Tricia 

I am a writer. A sculptor of words. I take inspirations and whispers of ideas that lie someplace inside of my heart, like clay, unformed and still wet, and I excavate them with bare fingers and mold them into living characters and the happenings of other worlds.

​I work in the areas of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mainstream / literary fiction, and poetry, and I have completed manuscripts for novels, novelettes, and short stories.

Science and speculative fiction appeals to me because I am obsessed with science and the possibilities it introduces. I can hardly believe my luck, that I was born into an age where we know so much.

I generally stagger about, stricken by awe, that we have the ingenuity and the means to see inside the atom and outside the boundaries of our solar system, to find healing properties in the wings of silk moths, to discover exoplanets from our own backyards, and to answer questions about the composition of the universe by examining tiny pion particles.


Writing lets me do something with all this astonishment.


Fantasy is another favored genre because it provides a way to drag magic out of ordinary experiences and things and make them glow with a deep beauty that I like to imagine is closer to the actual than the form that meets the eye.


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