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The Star of Atlantis

by Tricia D. Wagner

Book Two, in the Star of Atlantis series

The Strider and the Regulus
A starry-eyed boy. A cryptic map.
A mythical treasure.

What perils await in the
chasing of dreams?


Read the first book in the
Star of Atlantis series!

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Night Swiftly Falling

by Tricia D. Wagner

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The Strider and the Regulus.Ebook Cover.

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The Star of Atlantis
A seafarer driven to conquest.
A dash to the shore's bitter end.
What hope might arise from the ruin of wrecked dreams?


Book 2 in the
Star of Atlantis series!


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by Tricia D. Wagner

A sense of belonging may only come from accepting how different we are.

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How bright and how terrible is the dawn on the day we discover our wings.

Night Swiftly Falling.eBook.Cover.jpg

Facing the sea winds, the storm waves of change - how might a boy weather loss without losing himself?

"This is one of the most clever, contemplative books I've read all summer. In addition to a tightly woven plot, Tricia D. Wagner demonstrates a masterful command of the language in every paragraph that'll keep you turning pages until the end. Propelled by delicious prose, Night Swiftly Falling is poignant, honest, and heartfelt. This beautifully written novella packs a punch. An exceptional achievement." - Kristine L., Reedsy Discovery

About Tricia 

I'm an award-winning novelist, poet, and short story writer. I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, chasing storms, riding stallions, sojourning through painted canyons, disappearing into floating mesas under starry skies.

I now live in Rockford, Illinois (though the truth is, I'm a citizen of a dozen fictional countries.) I work in education and live day to day wonderstruck -

but luckily I can feel my way about this terrifying, beautiful Earth through writing.

I have pieces published in the Write City Magazine, Chicago Newa, Word of Art 3D, Literary Yard, and Midwest Review.

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