• Tricia D. Wagner


Updated: Sep 11

Clouds moving quickly.

I can handle their pace if I'm under the water.

I string words like beads into outcries -

they draw over a curtain of time,

these goliaths, these misted mountains, these whales.

Sharks - disinterested - are they?

They see me, I know it.

Their eyes carry blood like mine do.

Kings of color, your waters are slicker than sand, than salt.

Your skins taste of silver of apricot. Rain.

You need not pretend to have wings,

you flying fish, tasting my flesh with your feathery hands.

But you won't bite.

You'll just soar, time in tow, slipping veils off and over the sun

while my world turns red.

Red. Should it scare me?

I'm more white inside, these teeth gleaming like stars you conceal,

you reveal,

you magician of sky seas.

Scare me with your bigness -

I know I'm stitched in.

And you'll keep me forever inside your glass shell -

my shell, dark inside, bright like bone.



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