• Tricia D. Wagner

Marooned on Night Waters #1.17

Updated: Nov 16

Forget not the faded midnight

and its wolves.

For night wolves feast not upon bones

but upon cares.

Shun not that hour that miserable makes

the anxious heart.

But, that moment, seize.

Like seasoned chops,

on your starlit doorstep,

lay out your angst.

With cries, beckon nigh the fierce beasts.

With them, gnaw the fearsome meat.

Sit, then, with your wolves in the quiet eye

of aftercry -

these loyals who night after night

prove company.

Forget your wolves not,

for come tomorrow and the dawn,

the smile lighting your dimples

shall be true.

And wiser,

better friended,

fully supped

shall be your troubled heart.

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