• Tricia D. Wagner

Set the Night Singing #2.19

Updated: Oct 14

The day mostly fair,

the air mainly pure,

and people, the great part –

of justice

– I once thought.

With no fire blazing,

I can't feel my hands.

It's all about power

all powerful.

A little for me, some for you –

we can't have.

It's winner take all

and to hell with the rest.

The heavy Earth twists –

up is down; down is up.

Earth peers low upon

its reflection

in pools galactic of nothingness.

Universal oblivion.

What will Earth find,

upended, stripped bare, made to bleed?

Could there be a reckoning?

Could Earth be Colossis,

with strong arms up-turning?

Mouth, bruised, true words speaking?

Can Earth calm its mind,

settle seas?

Can pure breath give skies

back to the birds?

The sun does yet rise.

So I hope.

That love, truth, and empathy,

one day, will welcomed, be –

clothed and fed.


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