• Tricia D. Wagner

#20 The Narrow Way

Worry not yourself to think.

So difficult is reason.

Stay happy on the Narrow Way -

to deviate is treason.

That weight you shoulder - pray it gone.

It grows no lighter, say you?

Fie! To introspect too close

shows lack of faith in Deu.

The Narrow Way is scaffolded

by complex systems, so profound,

such mysteries cannot be solved -

don't try

lest you,



to walk

the brimstoned

broadened ground.

Ah, from the wide and brimstoned way

you say you, better, see?

Climb up, my child - don't play the fool,

live, look, act, walk, pray just like me.

Of course, though, you could only wish

to have my holiness, my power.

Oh well. Climb up! Pick up that cross.

You'll grow more me-like by the hour.

But you can't work with such a weight -

I see. But try to understand -

it's not about the work you love,

it's all about the work I've planned.

Enough ---

Off the Narrow Way, I dive.

Down falls the cross. There goes the stone.

And saints to cinders - glorified.

My open eyes cast light upon

the way of reason

waiting wide.

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