• Tricia D. Wagner

Where Light Is Born

Updated: Sep 14

Venture into this thick heart of Woods.

You must press through thorns, blood-tipped.

Come anyway.

And evil things wait in the shadows.

I can't even say what they are.

But don't hold back. Just come.

The heart of these Woods is where light is born.

Those faeries and champions and magical dragons?

The stone keeping truths and the riddling frog with the lies?

The spells that you've heard for unblinding cold eyes, for vanquishing pain -

They unfurled here.

Don't come.

If you come, things hurt worse.

The thorns bleed.

The magical dragons scram.

Your footfalls in the heart of the Woods

are the drumbeats forecasting my banishment.

Come in if you want to. But just hold my hand.

Your gaze on these breakable boughs,

these parchment blooms, this crystal heart

might make me die.

But there's two of us - a seer and one to be seen -

so you'd better come in.


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